The Invasion of 1910

The Invasion of 1910

Autor: William Le Queux

„The Invasion of 1910” is a novel written mainly by William Le Queux (along with H. W. Wilson providing the naval chapters). It is centered on an invasion by the Germans. who have managed to land a sizable invasion force on the East Coast of England. They reach London and occupy half the city. A junior Member of Parliament organizes a resistance movement. the „League of Defenders” and the Germans seem unable to combat this and tighten their control of London. and suddenly find themselves faced with a popular uprising. Finally a newly-formed British Army marches to liberate London. First published in 1906 this is one of the best-known examples of „invasion literature”. viewed by some as an example of pre-World War I Germanophobia but considered by others as prescient as it warned of the need to prepare for war with Germany.


Cena: 14.9


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The Way of an Eagle

Autor: Ethel M. Dell

„The Way of an Eagle” novel (1919) opens in India. as scapegrace Nick Ratcliffe rescues Muriel. the general’s daughter. from dire peril. Between starvation and attack. death is almost certain. Nick is small. odd-looking. and unpredictable. But he has somehow won the general’s unconditional confidence. Not so with Muriel. Repelled yet fascinated by his mockery and ferocity – his way of an eagle – she agrees to a betrothal. then breaks it off for clean-cut Blake Grange. Back in England. Muriel gradually learns the truth of her feelings and of Blake’s. But when she returns to India Nick. now maimed in his country’s service. is nowhere to be seen until new peril strikes. True love prevails. This is an old-fashioned adventure/romance and it’s impossible to put down.


Cena: 5.51

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