Ben Hur

Ben Hur

Autor: Lewis Wallace

A Tale of the Christ – one of the popular novels written by Lewis Wallace. It is considered „the most influential Christian book of the nineteenth century”. The novel reflects the themes of betrayal. condemnation and redemption with a plot of revenge that leads to a story of love and compassion. It was the bestselling novel of all time.


Cena: 24.9






The House of the Schemers

Autor: Fred M. White

There were various rumors about house No.13. There were no lights. badly painted blinds were always lowered. windows were black over the years. The feeling of loneliness and secrecy permeated the interior of No.13. Surprisingly there lived a young beautiful lady. about 20 years old. However. she was very frightened. And all this darkness was displayed on it.


Cena: 14.9

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