Jess of the Rebel Trail

Jess of the Rebel Trail

Autor: H.A. Cody

The main character was faced with a difficult choice – an unwanted marriage. Her father insisted on marriage. against her will. However. things may not be so bad. And in the end it can be a happy ending with mutual love.


Cena: 14.9

The Comedy of Errors

Autor: William Shakespeare

The comedy is surprisingly lively. sparkling and witty. despite the fact that the plot is set by conventions that seem to be implausible: two pairs of separated twins. and even with the same names. because of which there are ridiculous confusions. Here. there is the atmosphere of the Italian Renaissance. and the topicality of the Shakespearean era. and some special Greek flavor. and a little lyricism. and satire on family customs. and the touchingness of meeting and reuniting family people. and all this is so naturally intertwined that it’s just a delight.


Cena: 5.51






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