Dobrze jest mieć dokąd pójść

Autor: Emmanuel Carrere

Między dziennikarstwem a literaturą. Błyskotliwy autoportret pisarski twórcy bestsellerowego Królestwa.

„Dobrze jest mieć dokąd pójść” – to jedna z odpowiedzi. jakich udziela chińska Księga Przemian. A zatem ruszamy w drogę. którą poprowadzi nas spostrzegawczy kronikarz. bystry komentator. przenikliwy analityk. pisarz. który z największą swadą potrafi opowiadać najprostsze historie – Emmanuel Carrère.

Podróż rozpoczynają dwie relacje z procesów kryminalnych. Następnie udajemy się do Rumunii. na szlak Draculi. zaledwie kilka dni po upadku reżimu Ceaușescu. W jednym z ostatnich reportaży trafiamy do Davos. na forum gromadzące najpotężniejszych ludzi świata. Pomiędzy znajdzie się czas na krótsze i dłuższe wycieczki na wschód Europy

Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwo Literackie

Cena: 29.9

The Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras

Autor: Jules Verne

„’The Forward Brig’” sailed from Liverpool Port with eighteen crew members on board. But neither during the sailing. nor even for a long time after him. none of them knew the purpose of the voyage. nor even the name of the captain. And only having plunged far into the Arctic waters. the sailors learned that the famous navigator John Hatteras. who set the ambitious task of becoming the first person to reach the North Pole. was leading the expedition.


Cena: 14.9

The Divine Lady

Autor: Elizabeth Louisa Moresby

This is the story of England’s greatest admiral and his beautiful mistress. Lady Hamilton. Introduced to high society as a host and maid figure Emily Hart is wild and rebels against her violent master. Soon she is taken on by a new man. yet he struggles to reconcile his cool nature and expectation of restraint with her irrational outbursts. Emily is educated in the arts and painted by her beloved Romney and continues to struggle with the invisible societal and moral codes which ridicule her and her vivacious passion is viewed as crude and hysterical. Can she overcome her private and personal demons to reign successful in public life? Or has she left a trail of scandal so great that she will never be accepted? If you enjoy the works of Elizabeth Louisa Moresby then this an immortal tale is highly recommended for your book collection.


Cena: 14.9

The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables

Autor: Robert Louis Stevenson

The wreck of the ships of the Spanish Golden Armada off the Scottish coast generates a lot of rumors and superstitions. At the invitation of his uncle. Gordon Darnaway. young Charles visits these places and. through the roar of the breakers. nicknamed the Jolly Fellows. tries to uncover the mystery of the ships „Christ-Anna” and „Espirito Santo” in order to secure the future for himself and his beloved.


Cena: 14.9

The Bright Pavilions

Autor: Hugh Walpole

Bright pavilions – the fifth book of a series of six volumes of The Chronicles of Harris. As a historical background. the stormy Elizabethan England. including her enemy Queen of Scots. The story tells how one family shared fidelity and frustrated love. If you like to plunge into history. then this book is for you.


Cena: 14.9

The Gilded Age. A Tale of Today

Autor: Mark Twain

The book reflects the state of 19th-century society in the United States – votes in the Senate and Congress are bought and sold. all this is carefully hidden and masked. The curse of the „Tennessee” land. which could but did not enrich the young people who are the heirs of this land. is largely activated by the heirs themselves – typical Americans of that time. who want to quickly make a fortune.


Cena: 14.9

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